The “Stand Your Ground” Law Should Apply to “No Savage”

Addison Sarter
4 min readMay 23, 2023

If you are from the D.C. area you probably heard that one of the best rappers in D.C., “No Savage”, is in jail for firing shots at somebody at Tyson’s Corner. This combined with the shooting on U St. at Moechella, on Juneteenth, (the same weekend) and the string of mass shootings in America, made it easier to demonize “No Savage.” It makes it easy for people to point to him as the main cause of what is wrong with out inner cities and gun violence. Despite what one may think about him or his past, it is clear that if you look at all the facts, “No Savage” is innocent. Virginia has a “no retreat law” also known as the infamous “stand your ground law”

“As a general rule, Virginia does not require a person to retreat before using deadly force when confronted with an aggressor.”

The altercation is on the internet. “No Savage” was approached by a group of men who have rapped about shooting him. They started taunting him, and recording him, and invading his space. They are clearly the aggressors.

During a interview for BET with Ed Gordan, in 1994, Tupac Shakur compared growing up as a Black male in the streets to being a Vietnam War Veteran. About 20 years later, Tupac’s words were proven to be true.

In 2012, Howard Spivack MD , director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Violence Prevention, at the time, stated “Youth living in inner cities show a higher prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder than soldiers.”

Spivack also mentioned that, unlike soldiers, children in the inner city never leave the combat zone and often experience trauma repeatedly.

In his 2020 hit song “Reaper”, with just a few short words, he highlights his PTSD and paranoia from growing up in this warzone, by rapping ” They want me dead…I’m scared of my shadow.

No Savage is from the same neighborhood as the more main stream rapper Shy Glizzy, which is one of the most violent neighborhoods in D.C.