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The Real Reason Latino Children Are Being Put in Cages.

“Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people, and thine eyes shall look, and fail with longing for them all the day long; and there shall be no might in thine hand.”

Deuteronomy 28:32

As we all know, thousands upon thousands of immigrant children were separated from their families and placed in detention centers, by the Trump administration. Donald Trump and his administration are clearly racist. There is no surprise there, but that is not the full reason why Latino children are being placed in cages. The real reason is, Latinos are the chosen people of God, called the Israelites, according to the Bible.

For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” (Deuteronomy 7:6)

I do want to make it clear, God loves everybody no matter the color or race. At the same time, the Israelites are still God’s chosen people.

Some may ask, “if Latinos are God’s chosen people, why would he allow his chosen people to be separated from their families, deported, and placed in cages?” In Deuteronomy 28 of the Bible, God made a covenant with the Israelites. The covenant was a set of laws and commandments given to them, in which, if they followed those commandments, God would bless them with wealth, they would rule over all nations, and have their own land. But if they broke the commandments and did not keep the law, he would curse them with slavery, oppression, diseases, poverty and specifically, having their children “given” away to other people. The Israelites did not keep the commandments, and rebelled against God, which is why God cursed them.

Until Latinos return back to God, keep the laws and commandments in the Bible, and accept Jesus, these curses such as deportation and the separation of children from their families, WILL continue to happen. God promises in the Bible, that once Latinos (as a whole) turn back to God, (keep the commandments and accept Jesus), God will punish the wicked rulers, government, and what ever group of people that mistreated them. He will also bless the Israelites with wealth and their own country, where they will live in peace and be free from oppression.

For those that are skeptical, I am going to prove using DNA evidence, historical evidence, biblical evidence, and anthropological evidence, that Latinos are Israelites. If one has an open mind and truly cares about the fact that Latino children are being separated from their families, placed in cages, and detention centers, and would like to put an end to this racist system, please continue reading for the evidence.

Latinos are the indigenous people of the Americas. Some indigenous people migrated to North America, while others inhabited Central and South America. Latinos are the descendants of the indigenous people who were conquered by Europeans from Spain and had the spanish language forced on them during colonialism. Latinos and Native Americans may have different cultures or speak different languages but they are still of the same race,blood, and are the indigenous people of the Americas.

So lets get down to the proof that Latinos aka the indigenous people of the Americas are Israelites. For starters, DNA evidence shows that nearly 1/3 of Native Americans migrated from the Middle East, which is in the same vicinity of Israel.

Interestingly enough, Christopher Columbus confirmed that Native Americans/Latinos were Israelites. Christopher Columbus used the book called the Appocrypha, as a navigation reference to help him reach the Americas. The Appocrphya was apart of the original King James 1611 version of the Bible, until the Roman Catholic Churched removed it from the Bible in 1885. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, Columbus said that America was the place known as “Arzareth”. In the Appocrphya, Arzareth is known as the land that mankind never dwelt. The Appocrphya says that the Israelites migrated to Azareth. If the Israelites migrated to a land that mankind never dwelt, it means when they were the first inhabitants of that country. If Arzareth is America like Columbus says, that means the descendants of the Israelites, who migrated there, are Latinos/Native Americans. Thus making Latinos/Native Americans Israelites.

Today, Latinos and Native Americans come in all colors, but originally they were of African descent. In 1919, Dr. Nicholas Leon, founder of the Musuem of Michoacan, which is in Mexico, said,

The almost extinction of the original Negros during the time of the Spanish conquest and the memories in the most ancient traditions, induce us to believe that the Negroes were the first inhabitants of Mexico.”

This backs up the anthropological evidence. According to a report by the Smithsonian, the indigenous people of the America’s resembled Africans , Australians, and Pacific Islanders, which are all “black” races. This report can be read below.

Below are photos of an indigenous Australian girl and South Pacific Islanders.

Centuries after the African race of people migrated to the Americas, a population from Asia came and mixed with them. Then, during colonialism, the European population mixed in with the natives of America, thus lightening up the complexion of the indigenous people. Another African race of people were brought to the Americas during the Atlantic Slave Trade, and mixed with the indigenous and European population as well. This created a melting pot and diverse population in Latin America. Due to the racial mixing, the complexion of many of the indigenous population of the Americas became much lighter. This is why Latinos come in many complexions.

Below are photos of the ancient indigenous tribe of people called the “Mayans”. The Mayans lived in present day El Salvador, Guatemala, the western part of Honduras and parts of Mexico.

Below are documented accounts from ancient eyewitnesses , sculptures, and artifacts.

( Photos and drawings of the types of sculptures in Mexico, that the historian above could have been referring to)

Now that we know what the indigenous people of the Americas looked like, what did the Ancient Israelites look like?

The Bible and historical evidence says the Ancient Israelites looked like Ancient Egyptians. In order to find out what the Ancient Israelites looked like, we must find out what the Ancient Egyptians looked like. In the last photo above, the Spanish explorer stated that the Native Americans he encountered were black like the Ethiopians. According to The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams, Ethiopia is the mother of black civilization that not only birthed Egypt, but is Egypt. William says “Egypt as pointed out before was the North Eastern region of ancient Ethiopia.”(62). If the European explorer said the Native Americans had black skin like the Ethiopians, it means they had the same complexion as the Egyptians, since Ethiopians and Egyptians were of the same African race.

Below are photos of Ancient Egyptians.

As you can see, the ancestors of Latinos/Native Americans had similar complexions and features to the Egyptians. Based off how the Ancient Egyptians portrayed themselves through art, it is clear that they were a black African race. Ancient historians and travelers who lived during that time said that the Egyptians were black as well. An ancient Greek historian named Herodotus (400 B.C.), who is known as the “Father of History “, wrote about Ancient Egypt when he traveled there.

“ I myself guessed their Egyptian origin not only because the Colchians are dark-skinned and curly-haired (which does not count for much by itself , because these features are common in others too) but more importantly because Colchians, Egyptians and Ethiopians are the only peoples in the world who practise circumcision and who have always done so.” Herodotus clearly associated dark skin and curly hair with the Egyptians.

The Old Testament and the New Testament also describes how Israelites such as Moses and the apostle Paul looked like Egyptians.

The story of Moses, found in the book of Exodus, confirms the African resemblance. The Pharaoh at that time was planning on killing every Hebrew baby in Egypt. The Pharaoh was scared that the Israelite population in Egypt would outnumber the Egyptians. Moses’s mother, hid him in a basket, and put the basket with Moses in the river, to prevent him from being killed. The daughter of the Pharaoh, found Moses in the basket and they raised him like a grandson. For many years Pharaoh believed that Moses was his blood grandson. In a nutshell, the Pharaoh couldn’t tell the difference between a Israelite and an Egyptian. This means Moses looked like a black African or Egyptian.

The apostle Paul was also mistaken for an Egyptian. In the book of Acts, in the New Testament, Paul was being arrested and a Roman soldier said, “Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men.” The fact that Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian means he resembled Egyptians.

The Ancient Israelites looked identical to this black African race of Egyptians. The evidence by the Smithsonian states that the indigenous people of the Americas were a black race of people. The pictures of the indigenous people,as well as eye witness accounts of historians, confirm that they were a black race, like the Ancient Egyptians. The fact that both the Ancient Israelites and indigenous people of the Americas, resembled the Ancient Egyptians, means the Ancient Israelites and indigenous people of America had had to have looked like each other.

Historians first started to write that Latinos/Native Americans were Israelites over hundreds and hundreds of years ago. The belief was so well known that even Thomas Jefferson was aware of it and mentioned the belief in a letter to John Adams. Although, Thomas Jefferson didn’t believe the theory, the fact that he addressed it, shows how long people have been trying to get that information out. In the letter, Thomas Jefferson quoted a historian named James Adair. James Adair was a historian that lived around Native Americans for 40 years and wrote a book about them called: The History of the American Indians. In the letter to John Adams, Thomas Jefferson quotes the beliefs of Adair, which were,

“all the Indians of American to be descended from the hebrews: the same laws, usages; rites and ceremonies, the same sacrifices, priests, prophets, fasts and festivals, almost the same religion, and that they all spoke Hebrew.”

-Thomas Jefferson (American President speaking on James Adair’s belief that Native Americans are the Israelites, 1803)

In the 1500’s, a Spanish Explorer named Antonio Montezinos, wrote,

It was a thrilling journey I took in South America. Now that I am back in Amsterdam, I must share with you some incredible news. There is a Jewish Indian tribe living beyond the mountain passes of the Andes. Indeed, I myself heard them recite the She’ma and saw them observe the Jewish rituals.”

The She’ma that he heard the Native Americans say was “Shema, Yisroel, Adonai Elohenu Adonai Ehod”, which means “Here, O Israel the Lord our God, the Lord is One.”

The Shema is one of the main prayers of the Ancient Israelites.

The importance of them saying they were a part of the tribe of Reuben, is that the tribe of Reuben is apart of the 12 Tribes of Israel, mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 35:23.

Manoel Dias Soeiro or Menasseh Ben Israel (his Hebrew name), a Portuguese rabbi born in the early 1600’s, wrote

I shall speak somewhat I this discourse of the divers opinions which have been, and shall declare in what countries it is thought the Ten Tribes are: Hispaniola (Dominican Republic)… the island of Cuba; the continent of America, Panama, New Spain (Mexico) and Peru.”

-Menasseh Ben Israel: The Hope of Israel (translated to English in 1652)

Mariano Edward Rivero and John James von Tschudi wrote in their 1857 book Peruvian Antiquities:

Like the Jews, the Indians offer their firstfruits, they keep their new moons, and the feast of expiations at the end of September or in the beginning of October; they divide the year into four seasons, corresponding with the Jewish festivals. . . . In some parts of North America circumcision is practised . . . There is also much analogy between the Hebrews and Indians in that which concerns various rites and customs; such as the ceremonies of purification, the use of the bath . . . fasting, and the manner of prayer. The Indians likewise abstain from the blood of animals, as also from fish without scales; they consider divers quadrupeds unclean, also certain birds and reptiles, and they are accustomed to offer as a holocaust the firstlings of the flock.”

-Mariano Edward Rivero, John James von Tschudi: Peruvian Antiquities (1857)

So far it is has been proven that the indigenous people of the Americas, looked like the Ancient Israelites. Historians have shown that the indigenous people of the Americas(ancestors of Latinos), had the same customs and traditions as the Ancient Israelites.

The next page will focus on the generational curses that the Bible said would happen to Latinos. Many of these generational curses still affect Latinos/Native Americans to this day. To continue reading, please click here or click the link below.