The Bible Is Black History Part 3

Addison Sarter
2 min readFeb 11, 2021

To this day, our people back in Africa, still have the oral history of how we migrated from Israel to West Africa. They still practice the religion of their/our ancestors, the ancient Hebrews.

Nigeria :The Igbo Jews

In Nigeria, the tribe called the Igbo say that they are Jews and practice the same customs of the Jews of the Bible.

Here is a quote from a CNN article(below) about them.

King Eri, like many, claims that the Igbo are the Jews of West Africa. They believe they are descendants of at least one of Israel’s lost tribes. In the eighth century B.C. the Assyrians invaded Israel’s northern kingdom forcing 10 tribes into exile. Historians say it is not unlikely that these tribes migrated westward to Africa.

Senegal : The Bani Israel

The article below documents a Hebrew tribe in Senegal.

“They trace their lineage to two clans — Sylla and Drame — they say are descended from Egyptian Jews.”

“We are all practicing Muslims and we don’t want to become Jewish,” Fadiga says. “In fact, we don’t like to talk too much about our Jewish background, but we don’t hide it either. We know our people came from Egypt to Somalia, and from there to Nigeria, where they split about 1,000 years ago. One branch of the two families went to Mali, another to Guinea, and we settled here.”

Zimbabwe: Lemba

The lemba tribe in Zimbabwe state they are Jews and practice the same customs as the Jews of the Bible. Back in the 1990’s, a black tribe called the Lemba, that resides in Zimbabwe, had their DNA tested in a study done by The Center for Genetic Anthropology at University College London.