Statement For Fox News(Original Transcript)




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Trump’s Attack on Rep. John Lewis Spotlights Tenuous Relationship With African-Americans

PHOTO: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shakes hands with Ben Carson as he attends a church service in Detroit, Michigan, Sept. 3, 2016.

Senator Sinema’s Letter To Constituents About Net Neutrality Looks Like It Was Written By A Cable…

Testimony on the Proposed Rezoning of Industry City by Brooklyn CB7 Member Justin Collins

Shutdowns Chinese Applications In USA || ‘VChat’ From September 20 and ‘Tik Tok’ From November 12

I Supported Medicare for All — until I Didn’t

Wilmington Elections 2021: Tax Takes & Clarifications

A Christian Liberal?

Mr. President, You Did This to Yourself

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Addison Sarter

Addison Sarter

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