Native Americans(Latinos) Resembled The Ancient Israelites

Tomb of King Tut. He was the Pharaoh during the 18th century, around 1320 B.C.
Pharaoh Amenhotep, 18th century dynasty, around 1300 b.c.
Painting of people farming in Ancient Egypt. Tomb of Men a, around 1400 B.C.
Tomb of Amenhat.
Tomb wall of Pharaoh Seti, 19th dynasty , 1294–1279 B.C.
Egyptian Soldiers from 1493 B.C. Tomb of Hatshepsut. This painting is showing the journey to the Land of Punt, Deir El-Bahri.
Tomb of Khnumhotep 12th Dynasty.
Tomb of Baget, Beni Hasan 2000 B.C.
Wrestling Scene in the Tomb of Khety




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Addison Sarter

Addison Sarter

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