My Anxiety vs My Faith

Addison Sarter
2 min readDec 5, 2019


Chapter 3

Fast forward a month and some change I was about to hang out with a girl I was seeing during the time my mom passed. Little did I know, the father of her kids was stalking her. I was waiting for her in the parking lot when he walked up to my car and was talking trash. Mind you, he is a trained boxer, and according to her, he had knocked out guys twice my size. I got out the car, exchange a few words, then he goes back to to his car and pulls out a machete and chases me. After using a little reverse psychology to question his manhood, he puts the machete down and we got into a little scuffle, wrestling etc, he goes back to his car gets the machete and starts running towards me with it again and then starts chasing after her with it. He then shatters the whole back window of my car with the machete and drives off. I told her to get in the car so that we can drive off, and she says no “he owns a gun and knows where you live. If I go with you he will follow us and it will make it worse” . I went home and would later find out that he came from a big family that was in gangs in the dc area.

The whole situation would die down and he would eventually end up paying for the damage to the car in court. I definitely wanted revenge but at the same time, he had two adorable daughters. Knowing how it feels to lose a parent, I did not want them to have to go through that. It was tough not being able to hang out with that woman anymore. She had been there for me during my whole grieving process, and I finally had to grieve on my own.

My older sister told me “not too many people get a machete pulled on them, let alone make it out alive from that” I was blessed, because that situation could have been way worse.

Chapter 4, the last chapter below.