Addison Sarter
15 min readOct 28, 2022


Kanye West Is Preaching What The “Black Church” Is Afraid To Preach

Whether you like him or not, within the past few weeks Kanye West has been preaching what the Black Church needs to preach, and it is the only TRUE solution to ending the oppression that Black people face. If somebody is shedding light on the only solution for the oppression our people face, I have no shame in taking my emotions out of the situation, and simply focusing on the message and not their “unflattering” personality.

What is the message that Kanye is preaching?

Kanye West has been using his platform to tell Black people and the whole world, the same thing Malcolm X once preached, which is: Black people are of the 12 tribes of Israel mentioned in the Bible.

Sidenote: The 12 tribes of Israel are also known as “Jews”, “Hebrews”, and “Israelites”

Why is the message that Black people are of the 12 tribes of Israel important? How is it the solution?

As you will further see in the article: According to the Bible, once God’s chosen people known as the 12 tribes of Israel, embrace their heritage that God gave to their ancestors, God will then end their oppression( It goes with out saying to have faith in Jesus as well.)

This belief that Black people are of the 12 tribes of Israel can be backed up with historical evidence, scientific evidence, and biblical evidence.

Due to the fact that the majority of the readers of this article may not believe in the Bible, I will start with the historical evidence first.

Historical Evidence That Black People Are The Israelites of The Bible

Ancient historians have stated that the Israelites were a Black/African race of people. That should be no surprise considering that Israel is literally right next to Egypt( Africa.)

Over a thousand years ago, around 100 AD, a Roman historian and senator named Tacitus, wrote about the Israelites in his book, Histories, saying, “Many assure us they were a race of Ethiopian origin.”

In other words, Tacitus stated that Israelites were of Black African descent. The Roman Empire invaded and occupied Israel, therefore they had direct contact with the 12 tribes of Israel and they knew what they looked like.