Kanye West Calling Out Oppression Is Not Anti-Semitic

Addison Sarter
10 min readOct 25, 2022

Disclaimer : I do not blame all Jewish people for the role a segment of the Jewish community played in the genocide of Black people, the same way I do not blame all White people. This article does NOT support violence towards any race or religion.

“This doesn’t mean that we are anti-Jews or anti-Semitic — we’re anti-exploitation.”

- Malcolm X

Kanye West stated that Jewish businessmen have exploited him for years and that he was fed up. I don’t know the details, but when a Black person calls out racism. I believe them. Why? Because of history. Many people, including myself, have been unaware that Jewish people played a major role in the genocide of Black people for centuries. Kanye’s statement that Jewish people have historically controlled the “Black voice” is right. Before I prove how that statement was right, I will first shed on light on how a segment of the Jewish community:

  1. Participated in The Atlantic Slave Trade and enslavement of Black people. (Jewish households were disproportionately more likely to own slaves than white non-Jewish households)
  2. Were one the main oppressors of the Black community during Jim Crow (And Helped Sabotage the Civil Rights Movement)
  3. Used Their Control of the Media to Push Anti-Black Propaganda and negative stereotypes about Black people.
  4. Sabotaged efforts to end gun violence in the Black community.
  5. Controlled the “Black Voice”

I. Jewish involvement in the Atlantic Slave Trade/Slavery

Jewish historian, Dr. Harold Brackman, of the Wiesenthal Center, stated in the Encyclopedia of American Jewish History :“Jews were about twice as likely to be slave owners as the average white Southerner.”

The Jewish historian Jacob Rader Marcus wrote in his book United States Jewry 1776–1985:

He stated that “In 1820, 75 percent of Jewish families in Charleston, South Carolina, Richmond, Virginia, and Savannah, Georgia owned slaves.”

“ In 1820 ,almost 40 percent of all Jewish households owned slaves in the United States.”