How Black People Can Defund The Baltimore Police Department

Addison Sarter
2 min readNov 12, 2021

The Baltimore Police Department has roughly 3,000 police officers. Baltimore has 700,000 residents. 3,000 /700,000= 0.04 percent. The number of police officers in Baltimore are less than one percent of the Baltimore population. This means that the population of a Baltimore neighborhood multiplied by 0.04percent , will be the number of brave Black men who will protect Black neighborhoods once the Baltimore Police Department is out of our communities.

Sandtown has a population of 9,000 residents. 9,000 mutplied by 0.04 percent =roughly 39 brave Black men.

Due to the fact that gun violence is an epidemic in Baltimore, the brave Black community patrol team should be paid a six figure salary. Anybody saving lives should be paid a six figure salary. We pay basketball players millions. Basketball is not life or death.

This is how Sandtown’s 39 Black community patrol team would be funded.

39 men multiplied by 100,000(dollars worth in salary) =3.9 million dollars.

Where would this 3.9 million dollars come from.

I will start with the homeowners because homeowners will be more likely to have more wealth than renters. The stats say 37 percent of the 9,000 residents of Sandtown are homeowners.

37 percent multiplied by 9,000= 3,300.

3,300 is the number of home owners in Sandtown. I will start with a 100 dollar a month fee. 100 dollars a month times 12 months (number of months in a year = 1200 dollars.

3,300 (homeowners) multiped by 1200 ( dollars a year)= 3.96 million.

It is very possible for 3,300 homeowners in Sandtown to fund their own police department with 3.9 million dollars annually, by paying 100 dollars a month.

This is if only homeowners will be paying. If three thousand rents were to pay 50 dollars a month, that would equal 1.8 million, This would mean 3,300 homeowners would only have to pay 55 dollars a month as well. 55(dollars a month) multiplied by 12(months in a year)=660. 660 is the number each person pays a year.

3,300 (homeoners) mutiplied by 660(dollars a years=2.2 million dollars. 2.2 million is the number the total amount the homeowners as whole would pay a year.

  1. 2.2 million plus 1.8 millon is 4 million which is more than the target number of 3.9 million.

Black people are capable of funding our own police department, if we practice group economics. It is up to us.

For 55 dollars a month, the Black residents of Baltimore could have their own police department.