Five Points That Prove America Is Babylon In The Bible

Addison Sarter
9 min readFeb 10, 2021

In the Bible “ Babylon” is an evil nation/system, that will NEVER change it’s wicked and oppressive ways. It is important to note that there are two Babylons in the Bible. The first one was ancient Babylon, which was located in Iraq. It was destroyed by God, for its evil ways. The Bible states that the second Babylon has many nicknames, such as “Babylon The Great”, “Mystery Babylon” , “The Daughter of Babylon”, or “The Whore of Babylon.”

This article is going to show and explain 5 undeniable and indisputable facts that prove America is the “Babylon”.

I will first list the 5 points then go into detail on them.

  1. Babylon would be a nation controlled by Europeans.
  2. Babylon would be a nation where African Americans and Native Americans would be oppressed together , in that land.

3. We know that Babylon would be a nation that would be the economic super power of the world.

4. Babylon would have the most powerful military in the world.

5. Babylon will be at War with Iran, and will eventually lose.

Lets start with point number one.

1. Proof Bablyon Is Ran By Europeans Today

The Bible states that Esau, also known as Edom is Babylon.

“Remember, O Lord, against the sons of Edom,
The day of [the fall of] Jerusalem,
Who said “Down, down [with her]
To her very foundation.”
O daughter of Babylon, you devastator,
How blessed will be the one
Who repays you [with destruction] as you have repaid us.”

In the passage above the descendants of Edom are also called the daughter of Babylon.

Historians have made it very clear that the Nation of Edom = Modern Day Europeans.

Sacha Stern, professor of Jewish Studies at University College London, wrote about the identity of Esau, in his book, Jewish Identity In Early Rabbinic Writings.