Esau: The Origins of White Rage In The Bible

Addison Sarter
7 min readFeb 9, 2021

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Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer: No matter what you read below, it is my hope that the following does NOT apply to white people who good-hearted and are NOT racist, like my white friends that I grew up with.

I have been told that the Bible is like a script to a movie. In order to understand the script/the movie, you have to know who the characters are. One character that the mainstream church tries to hide, is the character in the Bible named “Esau.” Esau, also known as Edom, is who Europeans descend from. This article will prove that claim beyond a shadow of a doubt.

White rage/white supremacy can not be reformed through legislation. We have over 400 years of proof that white rage can not be reformed. The spiritual meaning behind white supremacy will be explained later on through this article. First I will show evidence from EUROPEAN historians proving Esau are the Europeans. Historians have made it very clear that Edomites(the people of Esau/Edom) are Europeans.

Sacha Stern, professor of Jewish Studies at University College London, wrote about the identity of Esau, in his book, Jewish Identity In Early Rabbinic Writings.

In the book he states,

“Whereas in the Bible, Esau is no more than the ancestor and founder of the small kingdom of Edom (Idumaea) , by the rabbinic period he is identified as the ancestor of Romans or as the founder of their city . Rome is thus referred to as “kingdom of Esau” , “son of Esau” , “Esau” , “Kingdom of Edom” and “Edom” tout court; the Romans themselves are said to identified with Esau .”

The book Classic Biblical Baby Names, by Judith Tropea states,

“According to the commentaries on Hebrew scripture. Esau is considered a significant character in world history and is the