Black Autonomy For Baltimore (Sandtown-Windchester)

Addison Sarter
4 min readNov 9, 2021

I. How To Incorporate Sandtown-Winchester

II. The Proposed Government For Sandtown-Windchester

III. Incorpartion Would Reduce Rent And Add Affordable Housing

In his 1964 Ballot or the Bullet speech, Malcolm X stated that our communities are controlled “from the outside by outsiders”

In 1966 Dr. King stated “The Northern ghetto had become a type of colonial area. The colony was powerless because all important decisions affecting the community were made from the outside.”-(Dr King ,Chicago Freedom Movment)

This is still the case today in Black communities across America, including Baltimore.

How should/can the Black community in Baltimore liberate themselves from colonizers who control their community?

Answer: By incorporating all of the predominantly Black neighborhoods. Black people in Baltimore, specifically Sandtown, which is nearly 100 percent Black, can turn their neighborhoods into historically Black towns by incorporating it.

Here is how Black residents of Sandtown, according to the Municipal Incorporation Handbook . Get 25 percent of the population of the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood to sign the petition to incorporate it.

Getting a neighborhood that is nearly 100 percent Black, to sign a petition that would allow the Black community to control their neighborhoods, instead of white poeple controlling it, ..should be very doable. Getting sigantures is time consuming and will take hard work, but it can be done.

According to, the Sandtown-Windchester population is roughly 9,000 residents. An article in the Los Angeles Times stated that the population of Sandtown-Windchester 15,000. This article seems to list 15,000 as the number total population of Sandtown-Windchester and Harlem Park combined. To be on the safe side we will use the number 15,000. As stated 25 percent of the registered voters in Sandtown-Winchester must sign the…