Addison Sarter
5 min readSep 8, 2020


A United States Of Africa On American Soil

The Problem:

Most people would agree that being in an abusive relationship for 4 years is unhealthy and toxic. If somebody you love is in that situation you would tell them to leave. Well Black people have been in an abusive relationship with America for 400 years. The treatment that African American face in 2020, meets the criteria of genocide, according to the United Nation’s definition of that word. America has shown us who they are for 401 years. Believing we can change the hearts and minds of people who make up majority of the system, is delusional.

  • White people make up 90 percent of elected officials in America.
  • White men make up 90 percent of America’s sheriffs.
  • White people own 86 percent of the wealth in America.

Not to mention, the Department of Homeland Security called White Supremacists the “biggest and most lethal” terror threat in America.

White Supremacists have also infiltrated police departments all over America.

Changing the system from within is a myth.

The Solution:

Black people can form their own country without even leaving America. This article can show how we can legally make it happen.

I know some will say “they will never allow us to do that” “that will be hard to do.”

Forget them.

If we don’t want to move back to Africa, we can create “A United States of Africa”, within America. In order to form your own country you need land. In nearly every city in America, Black people are isolated and segregated to a section of town, that is known as “the inner city, the ghetto, or the hood.” These isolated black communities all over America can be formed into our own states, united under our own Black nation.

I know when some people hear independent Black nation, they think of segregation. Native Americans live on their reservations and are still legally allowed to travel off the reservation and live wherever in America. That being said if we choose to live outside of the borders of our Black independent states of America , it must be viewed as entering into shark infested waters.